Monday, August 17, 2009

FUNDAWEARS Cloth Diapers!

Not only is a great name, but these cloth diapers are "eco-friendly, easy to use and Oh so Fun to wear!"

Fundawears is a small WAHMama biz. A mother of two boys, Sara has been a sewing sister for a five years now. She started off making clothing and accessories for her website Baras Clothing (pronounced Bare Ass) year round, while vending at concerts during the Summer. When a swollen belly and the coming of a second son, Baras Clothing turned a new leaf. Children's apparel and cloth diapers sprang up like wildflowers and Fundawears was born!
After many, many trial and errors on the first diapers, the pattern got tweeked, pulled, pudged and squished. Onesize diapers are great in theory, but not all babies are onesize. So Fundawears offers small, medium, large and now a S/M( 8-25lbs) and M/L(25-35+lbs). They come in all different styles too, everything from prefolds to fitteds, Covers to wool. Fundawears also offers the option of leaving your fitteds snapless for Pins or Snappi's, Hook and Loop (like velcro only softer) or profesional Poly-Resin snaps. Her website also offer's seconds and gently used cloth diapers of all brands that come across her path.

You can also find Nursing covers, Cloth wipes, Mama Pads and BabyWearing Wraps.

Right now you can find
Fundawears on and on Baras Both BC and Fundies websites are going under new development-so bare with the mess. Custom orders are always available, if it is not fully stocked, email her. With a relaunch/re-grand Opening coming in September, she is busy sewing and holding off on stocking but has a ton of Organic clothing and Organic Cloth diapers just waiting for you! Send Fundawears some love! By becoming a Fan, you will receive stocking updates, sneak peeks and discounts on all clothing and diapers.
FUNDAWEARS CLOTH DIAPER GIVEAWAY! Be the 25, 33rd or the 55th Fan of Fundawears on Facebook and receive a FREE Organic Cotton Fleece Fitted (think your favorite sweatshirt). Super soft, super squishy,super absorbent, a great option for night time solutions.

Keep checking back to all of our Artfire Cloth Diaper Addicts studios for great CD designs and deals. We're gearing up for a FALL SALE-details coming soon!